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Tmj Pain Treatment Toronto

Tmj Pain Treatment in toronto


If we suspect a problem, you may need:

  • X-rays of your teeth and jaw to inspect them.
  • A CT scan is used to obtain detailed images of the bones that make up the joint.
  • An MRI can detect abnormalities with the joint's disc or the soft tissue that surrounds it.

TMJ arthroscopy is occasionally used to diagnose TMJ disorders. A short thin tube (cannula) is placed into the joint space during TMJ arthroscopy, and a small camera (arthroscope) is then inserted to view the area and help identify a diagnosis.

TMJ Pain Treatment Toronto

If you are suffering from jaw pain, clicking of jaws, locking of jaw joints, this could be due to TMJ. At our clinic, we understand that TMJ can be extremely painful and can make daily activities such as eating, talking difficult. We offer effective and reliable treatment for TMJ.

Our team of dentists specialize in offering quality treatments, we will take an x-ray of your jaws, understand the issues and suggest suitable treatment. Our treatment will help you ease your pain and also manage the condition better. To book an appointment, please get in touch with us.


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